Mexican breakfast: Start your day right!

We all have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know, from personal experience, and having to deal with low blood sugar in the past, that I need to start my day with protein, plus I am usually hungry!  Breakfast shouldn’t be a chore, it is meant to be a pleasure! Take the challenge, have breakfast for the next few weeks and you will notice the difference! You will feel more energy, will be able to concentrate better for longer periods of time and you will have something fun to share with your family, friends or co-workers!

Some people say that they don’t have time for breakfast. Well, I have timed myself and it really doesn’t take more than 5-7 minutes to make Huevos a la Mexicana, which is a very easy to make scrambled egg dish. Today you will learn how a Mexican breakfast adds fun to your morning without taking much of your time.

Huevos a la Mexicana

Huevos a la Mexicana

1 roma tomato

1/8 white onion

1 jalapeno pepper

2 eggs

Beat the eggs. Some of us add a bit of milk when beating eggs, it’s up to you.

Chop the other ingredients ahead of time if you are short of time in the morning. If not, it really takes less than 5 minutes.

On a pan, add one tsp of canola oil and fry the onion and jalapeno pepper.

Add beaten eggs.

When turning them, add tomato.

Cook until done. Add salt and pepper to taste.

If you are trying to cut carbs, eat them by themselves. If not, you can have them with corn tortillas and make tacos. Corn tortillas have more fiber and less carbs than white bread. If you feel like you can “indulge” a little bit, warm a flour tortilla on a pan or griddle, add Mexican Shredded Mix cheese and let it melt. Then put the “Huevos a la Mexicana” in your tortilla and fold it to make a burrito. It is delicious!!!

Serve some papaya on the side to add fruit to your morning. Papaya is a great fruit, has lots of good enzymes for your stomach and is packed with vitamin C, A and K. Sprinkle some lime juice and sugar over your papaya and it will be even more delicious!

Huevos con Chorizo

Huevos con Chorizo

This is a breakfast for a lazy Saturday morning.  Fry some chorizo (I like the brand “El Popular”). Add beaten eggs to frying pan. Incorporate eggs and chorizo, cook thoroughly. Enjoy with tortillas!!!

I have foiund a new brand of tortillas here in New England that combine wheat flour and corn flour. They are really good! The brand is: La Tortilla Factory. They are soft and the flavor is awesome!

Just adding salsa (check my website for recipes to any scrambbled eggs makes it more enjoyable and adds a little spark to your morning!

So make a new habit of having a good Mexican Breakfast, whether on a busy day or on a weekend, it will brighten your day!