Growing up in northern Mexico I always enjoyed my mom’s cooking and through family and then moving to Mexico City, I grew to appreciate the vast variety that Mexico has to offer in culinary terms. Every region has its own flavors and the same dish can be made differently from place to place.

Now my passion is to share recipes that families can enjoy and that busy families can make any time, even on busy nights, making meals that are fun, taste amazing, and are healthy for the whole family.

My recipes are all easy and adjustable, you can add more of what you like and less of the ingredients that you do not like.

My biggest compliments have come from people that have taken my classes and come back to me and tell me that they have made the dishes for their family and that they are now part of their “favorite” meals!

You can visit us at learntocookmexican.com

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  1. Wow! Everything looks so delicious! I wish you lived near me and I would hire you in an instant! :-) I can’t wait to try some of these delicious looking recipes. Who knew such fabulous Mexican cooking would be available in Avon, CT?

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