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This is your Mexican cooking portal. In Rocio's Mexican Kitchen you will find recipes to easily make everyday Mexican meals that are delicious and healthy. Mexican food uses many fresh vegetables and vitamin packed fruits. Many dishes are just a great combination of ingredients that do not require elaborate cooking. Look in the recipes posted on this website or in the blog area to create authentic guacamole, ceviche, salsas, salads and main dishes that will amaze you in their flavor and their health benefits! Every meal can be made in 30 minutes or less.

Because these recipes are so easy, they are perfect for parties, every day meals or just for fun as a family cooking gathering!

Your family and friends will love these dishes! Whether for entertaining or just to have a great meal with your loved ones, learning to make these dishes will bring everyone around your table. Rocio (pronounced: ro-see-oh) offers Mexican cooking classes (for adults & kids) or Personal Chef in-home services. Check out the testimonials!

Pico de Gallo Mexican ingredients

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Bring your family back together after learning to make fun and tasty meals that your family will love!

This is what people are saying...

When I first took one of Rocio's class, it was my intention to learn some authentic Mexican to please my husbands palette. Not only did I learn to make amazingly delicious salsa, guacamole and enchilada recipes for my husband, but these recipes are very family friendly. I have three children of varying ages - 15,13 & 7, and they loved making these with me in the kitchen. Now have a new tradition of family Mexican night - all hands on deck in the kitchen!! We even spice it up with a little "salsa" music in the background!!

Monica, Avon, CT